• Activates left hemisphere (imagination, feeling, dream, and intuition) and right hemisphere (thinking, logic, wise, and mathematics) of brain. Left hand and body movements has connections with right brain and vice versa. Most of the people are righty due to which left brain is more active. But it’s a fact that right hemisphere (90%) is more powerful than left hemisphere (10%). Abacus balances both brain movement through use of both hands’ fingers.
  • Increases speed and accuracy
  • Increases memory power.
  • Increases the learning ability and writing skill.
  • Make them more alert in their task.
  • Strengthens attributes like endurance, logic, and discovery.
  • Promotes concentration and comprehension to help in building imagination power.
  • Helps children to face competition from early ages by increas...


  • Uses of scientific pattern of alphabets
  • Makes students able to write clearly.
  • High utility of brain and concentration towards studying.
  • Increases the confidence level.
  • Builds up good personality.
  • Good social impression.
  • Interest in creative and free writing.

Recreational Camps

In today’s age extra-curricular activities are equally important as regular studies. During vacation holidays (summer, winter and class breaks), we organize recreational camps for interested students. It gives children an opportunity to utilize their vacation by learning different skills, have fun, get interacted with children from different schools and explore themselves. Some of the activities of recreational camps are arts and crafts, anchoring and mass speaking, dance, music, games, picnics, field trips, etc.

Abacus classes

Abacus is used for the mental development of the child between the age group 5-14. Using the Abacus for calculation is an ancient Chinese teaching technique to enhance the brain functionalities.  It is 2000 years old technique of mental mathematic practice. It is used by both activates both hand fingers that activates Left and Right brain development which results in making student active, creative and concentrated. This is practiced in more than 50 countries of the world including the developed countries. Similar to handwriting classes, abacus classes are also run in the center as well in schools.

Abacus Program Structure for Schools

Abacus classes (in case of school package) for students are run through school teacher(s). Two days teacher’s training is conducted with certain charges.

Handwriting Psychology

A person’s handwriting is as unique as their personality, and there’s good reason to look for traces of their personality in their handwriting.

Handwriting psychoanalysis is the science involved in producing a personality profile of the writer by examining an individual’s handwriting. Besides creating a complete personality profile, many other things are revealed in the handwriting, such as health issues, morality, past experiences, hidden talents, mental problems– to name just a few. We do issue handwriting psychology reports on request (for those who are interested), with certain charges.


While viewing superficially, ‘Handwriting’ is just a writing with the movement of hand and pen, but in depth handwriting is personality itself of someone. It portraits different characteristics of a person. Those who have neat and clean handwriting with scientific pattern have definitely clean behavior and fair attitude. The emotional energy has a direct impact on every other trait displayed in the handwriting. So, Handwriting is one of the factor that plays a vital role in overall development of a person.

In the central office and other branches we provide trainings for the students and guide them individually. Talking about schools, through long experience in handwriting campaign, we conclude that teachers training is as important as conducting trainings for children...