To view superficially Handwriting is just a writing with the movement of hand and pen, but in depth handwriting is personality itself of someone. It portraits different characteristics of a person. Those who have neat and clean handwriting with scientific pattern have definitely clean behavior and fair attitude. The emotional energy has a direct impact on every other trait displayed in the handwriting. So, Handwriting is one of the factor that plays a vital role in overall development of a person.
In the central office and other branches we provide trainings for the students and guide them individually. Talking about schools, through long experience in handwriting campaign, we conclude that teachers training is as important as conducting trainings for children. Trained teacher can regularly guide, monitor, and inspire students for bringing up a long lasting change in handwriting in school. So, we conduct handwriting trainings for teachers of Pre-primary, Primary, Lower Secondary and Secondary level before running handwriting classes for school students.

We train different patterns of handwriting viz, English (Printed, Cursive and Calligraphy) and their different forms. We do teach Nepali Handwriting too.

The package of Handwriting Classes includes:

One-day teacher’s training:

Duration: 5-6 hours.

Team division: English (Cursive, Print or as per demand of School), Nepali

Methodology of training:

  • First one-hour motivation and orientation.
  • Initial handwriting analysis through handwriting psychology.
  • Guidelines and improvement basing on analysis.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of handwriting

Weekly handwriting classes for students:

  • First day pattern training along with orientation classes for students.
  • Weekly handwriting classes from our trained teachers.

Follow up as per consensus (for monitoring and evaluation).